We Care About Amateur Radio!

Welcome!  If you are interested in amateur (aka “ham”) radio or technical information as well as “how to’s” then this is the an area that you should check out.  Information about area ham events, studying and testing can be found here.

Wood County ARES/RACES

If you are interested in putting your radio equipment and ability to work as a volunteer in the central Wisconsin area, then the Wood County Amateur Radio Emergency Services/Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service may interest you. Inside you will find more information about what we do, when and how we do it, as well as how to get involved!  Remember, volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, they just have the heart!
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Marshfield Area Amateur Radio Society – AA9US

The Marshfield area amateur radio group are also key operators in the Wood County amateur radio community.

Visit the MAARS Facebook page here for more information.

Amateur Radio – Serving The Community!

Amateur (ham) radio allows for simple interactive communications between people.  A few or many!  Not something that is easily accomplished by any other form of communication!  It can also be used to talk across town or around the world!  Ham equipment can be used for just “shooting the breeze” (or rag chewing as it is known in ham circles).  It can also be used as a contesting media in making as many contacts as possible.  And one very important way it can be used is in service to our fellow man, not only in times of emergency, but also in good times when helping coordinate events and safety.

The Wood County Amateur Radio Community is all about friendships, camaraderie, experimenting with radio equipment, putting radio equipment to use,  and to improving radio communications in the Central Wisconsin Area.  We also believe in using our radio communications abilities to assist the community.

Each year, people from all of these groups help with weather watches, traffic safety, flooding conditions, bicycle races, special event commemorations, weather monitoring for large events as well as conducting radio operator training and testing, and occasional fund raising for area repeater maintenance.

The 2016 World Water Ski Show Tournament at Lake Wazeecha in Wisconsin Rapids.  Wood County ARES/RACES ran a special event station during this event while also providing weather monitoring service.  Our pleasure to assist!
Please take the time to look through the site.  We trust that the information contained within, will be of value to you.  Enjoy!